Max Eilbacher is an intermedia artist. His sound practice draws upon European traditions of electroacoustic music, musique concrète composition, and American avant-garde sound performance. Drawing connections between these diverse sources without replicating their gestures, he creates systems in which synthesis and processing-intensive software environments generate complex patterns and timbres that are then subjected to the guidance of compositional intuition. Eilbacher's praxis squares the circle of the raw moment and the controlled display of an outcome. Currently based in Baltimore, Max Eilbacher studied computer music and cinematic arts, while gaining notoriety on the DIY American underground with acts such as Sef 3 and Horse Lords, whose just intonation-based trance music exemplifies a modern response to the minimalist tradition. Whether in Horse Lords or on his own as an increasingly prolific composer and performer, Eilbacher's work explores the capacity of structure, timing, and detail to pinpoint the elusive meeting place of perception of form.
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