Milan-based Daniele Guerrini (1992) aka Heith investigates the many realms of sound from rave music to ambient, from folk to musique concrète. With a focus on harmonics and composition, he uses disorienting rhythms and sound design to generate ancestral psychedelic soundscapes of visionary beauty. Among his recent projects are "Laguna" (2018), a digital re-interpretation of Indonesian Gamelan he put together after a trip in South Asia where he studied composition and traditional music, and the soundtrack for Belligerent Eyes (2016), a pioneering research project on contemporary image production organized by Fondazione Prada. In 2019 he released Ep MUD on Saucers, a new music platform he started with Kiran Sande (Blackest Ever Black / Low Company), which is minted specifically for his gear.

As the founder of the critically acclaimed Haunter Records imprint (2013) he put out the music of many interesting artists such as Zuli, Aisha Devi, Maxwell Sterling, Ossia, Giant Swan, Renick Bell, John T. Gast, Jesse Osborne-Lanthier, Elvin Brandhi, Lutto Lento, Not Waving... He is also one of the members of Macao, one of the most spectacular music venues in Italy, and founder of acclaimed festival Saturnalia (2013-2017).

Recent discography:

— Heith - Mud [Saucers / Low Company]

— Puce Mary, Francesco Leali, Heith, Alessandro Branca - An Exploitative Version of Surrogacy [Until Riots]

— Heith - Laguna [Haunter Records]

— Ghost Lemurs Of Madagascar feat. mc boli [posh isolation]
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