As EVOL, Roc Jiménez de Cisneros and Stephen Sharp deform all sort of techno artefacts, stretching them to their very breaking point. Their work has been published on labels such as Diagonal, Presto!?, Editions Mego, Entr'acte or their very own Alku.

Recent recordings include Ideal Acid (iDEAL), Wabbit Trax (Diagonal), HARDCORE vol. 3, their third batch of zipped rarities, and GRM TRAX, a 4 x CD set of brutal trancey drone pieces recorded at the legendary GRM studios in Paris.

Their live sets are a barrage of flexing bass lines and asymmetric beats which apply ideas and metaphors about folding, bending and twisting of structural elements — they like to call it Acid Mereotopology.
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